Episode 1: Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

This week will see how ABS works.  Everyone knows that every car has a brake system but not everybody knows hot it works.Braking system has a very important role in slowing or even stoping the car.This system is operated by the driver via brake pedal so the master cylinder push the fluid in to the braking system and at the same time the caliper piston or wheel cylinder( for drum

brake) is driven by the fluid.Brake shoes/ brake pads,because of the force from caliper piston/wheel cylinder, are pushed to the brake disc/brake drum.In this way the car will be slowed or stopped, depending on how mush you press de brake pedal.This is a classic brake system, without ABS(Anti-lock Braking System).

Why we need ABS?

When wheel locks due to strong braking, we can lose steering control if front wheels are locked, loss of stability if rear wheels are locked and braking distance increases.In order to avoid all these is necessary to control braking by blocking it.1619341933_1371235594

How it works?

   ABS consists of the following items:Electronic Control Unit,speed sensors for each wheel,valves and Hydraulic Control Unit.When we brake, is the wheel sensor senses a wheel is about to lock, send singnal to the Electronic Control Unit and from there to the Hydraulic Control Unit, which closes the normally open solenoid valve for that wheel.In this way fluid supply is interrupted.After anti-lock braking sensor signal is checked again and the valve is opened again.If ABS works you will feel how brake pedal is pulsing due to opening and closing de valves.ABS is not working at higher speeds than 20km/h.

I hope that this has helped you understand how Anti-lock Braking System works.


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