Subaru WRX Concept en route to Frankfurt

After his first appearance at New York International Auto Show, the new concept will be presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show.
Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung or International Automobile Exhibition is one of the largest auto show. The event date of the show is September 10, 2013 to September 22, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.


Japanese concept comes with a few changes, such as new rims from BBS, a new agressive design, front honeycomb grille, a new design for headlights and the roof will be made from carbon fiber to reduce the car weight. The new color of this concept is called WR Blue Pearl III.
The Subaru doesn’t want to tell us about de engine.Let’s hope will be more powerful than the old Subaru WRX ( 265 hp and 244 lb-ft of torque).The rear end is as agressive as the front, with a diffuser, new design for taillights and a 4-pipe exhaust system.

Subaru officials promises a better steering, handling and chassis control on the road than the old model.



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