BMW i3 is launched…almost !

BMW i3 goes on sale in Europe in November,but Americans will have to wait until the second quarter of 2014, after it was unveiled at three simultaneous events in New York City, London and Beijing. After BMW spent some years on researching in Megacity project, with some help from Mini E and Activ E, it was time to launch something that represents the beginning of electric mobility.

“The car has existed for nearly 130 years. Today marks a shift – a change – in the future of mobility.” Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the boards of management of BMW AG said.

Starting price is 41,350 dollars, with a special design and a unique construction from recyclable materials and carbon fiber, was built as a solution for urban congestion in mega-cities like New York,Sao Paolo or Shanghai.

“The car industry has waited well over a century for its own revolution,” “Today the wait is over. What the mobile phone did for communication, electric mobility will do for individual mobility.”BMW Chairman Norbert Reithoffer said.

The i3 has a 22kWh lithium-ion battery which can go 80-100 miles on a single charge, but it also available with a gasoline -powered generator which double the car’s range and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 7 seconds.


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