Connected cars…

Because the technology is becoming more efficient, automakers are forced to go to the next level. One of the most discussed topics is the connected cars problem.All major car manufacturers are trying to find the best solutions to bring such a car on the market.How­ever, there are 10 hur­dles to overcome to get there accord­ing to Forbes…

1.Cars operating system upgrades compared with phones – cars are being held much longer compared with phones.

2.Safety – by 2015 , all cars in Europe must be equiped with a system that automatically contacts emergency services if an accident occurs, called eCall.

3.Partners – automakers need to collaborate with mobile phone providers in order to satisfy consumer needs.

4.Dealers need to be educators – they need to be prepared to teach costumers how to use their car’s technology.

5.Connected cars will likely be shared cars – car manufacturers need to understand that they are no longer in the business of just selling cars.

6.What’s the best way to get connected – built-in options with stronger connections vs. USB and Bluetooth.

7.Who will pay for connected car services?

8.How many apps should driver be able to acces? – automakers want to maintain some control over developers,limiting the number of apps.

9.Self-driving cars will arrive…but not yet.

10.As a conclusion, con­nected cars are no longer an option.


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