New Mercedes Benz S Class – wants to dominate the entire luxury segment

“The new S-Class is more than just the sum of breathtaking technical innovations. It is the embodiment of automotive excellence at Mercedes-Benz.”

All started from name in 1950 when Mercedes-Benz introduce in their protofolio the Continue reading

BMW i3 is launched…almost !

BMW i3 goes on sale in Europe in November,but Americans will have to wait until the second quarter of 2014, after it was unveiled at three simultaneous events in New York City, London and Beijing. After BMW spent some years on researching in Megacity project, with some help from Mini E and Activ E, it was time to launch something that represents Continue reading

Connected cars…

Because the technology is becoming more efficient, automakers are forced to go to the next level. One of the most discussed topics is the connected cars problem.All major car manufacturers are trying to find the best solutions to bring such a car on the market. Continue reading